.…tosa inu puppies for sale…

Female 3Months old – full vaccinated including a rabbies- prepared for a transport

We have handsome males and beautiful females of all colors…..in yellow, red, dark red and a rare black….

Black male



Black females




…WORLDWIDE TRANSPORT/SHIPPING… (Europe 350-450,-Euro about)

Our kennel offers puppies from thoroughly planned and proven connections. Puppies fully socialized, raised with all-day care and love. Our goal in dog breeding is the breeding of beautiful, typical and healthy individuals and the satisfaction of the owners of our breedings. But you can see for yourself…. Tajné emotikony

We have been breeding Tosa Inu since 1998 – we have 26 years of experience with this breed.

tosa inu štěňata na prodej

Both parents have perfect hips, shoulders, elbows, back, knees, DNA test,…!!!

These are the best official health results in Europe!!!

We offer top quality puppies in red, black and yellow color – the World winners, Europa winners and Multi-champions bloodline.

……International Certificate of Vaccination, Chip, FCI export pedigree,….

Only for serious people.
For more info please: tosainu@email.cz

+420 739084284

We offer reservations for puppies – Summer/Autumn/Winter 2024.

Our dogs present us in many European countries (Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Slovenia, Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Italy, Russia, Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania and others …India), Canada and USA.

Puppies grow up in a family environment with all-day care. Are socialized and taught to clean. The new owners leave comfortably. Completely vaccinated, wormed, chipped according to European parameters and also have already established an international certificate of vaccination and of course with a FCI Export Pedigree. Furthermore, as a matter of course consider the purchase agreement and confirmation vet about the health of the puppy. The puppy will not leave without a good feed in the beginning, bowls and toys….

We offer puppies from a deliberate connection after parents excellent character and exceptional quality. We breed only in a well-built specimen’s friendly nature. Individuals or sick with severe hip dysplasia completely excluded.

We help new owners with proper education, exhibitions, etc. ……… breed.
Selected, your puppy can attend daily!
This breed is suitable for flat. Very good guards, but barks only when necessary.
A visit to make an appointment whenever possible! 

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Tosa inu puppies for sale

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