TOSA INU – Standard

Standard Tosa is relatively brief and leaving some freedom. It provides only the lower allowable height at the withers, but not size up not restricted. Overall, Tosa harmonious, robust dog with strong bones is adequate constitution and plastically modeled muscles inspiring respect and their respect. Tosa behavior is dignified, sensible, courageous and fearless nature, quiet, with a tendency to dominance. The skull is broad, relatively voiced stop, muzzle square. The attention of the forehead forms wrinkles. Nose broad, strong jaw, scissor bite. The dark and relatively small eyes dignified expression. Relatively small and thin ears are set high and close to cheeks. Muscular neck with loose skin on the neck, high withers, straight back, muscular shoulders. Belly well tucked up. The tail is thick at the root and reaching to the hocks. Limbs strong bones and muscles sharp. Hard pads paws tightly closed preferred dark claws. Short, hard and thick hair. The color red, red, fawn, apricot, black and brindle. White markings on chest and toes are allowed.
Lower height at the withers for males is 60 cm, 55 cm for females, but also in Europe are individuals exceeding 75 cm at the withers. Dog’s weight corresponds to its size and large specimens reaching about 70 pounds. Slightly overshot or loose scissors to tolerate significant overshot or undershot are pronounced disqualifying defects. Disqualifying defect is also apprehensive.
Tosa Inu is relatively little widespread breed for your family is an excellent partner and companion. With proper education and guidance can manage prone to dominance exhibited by dogs towards other dogs. Due to lack of information, misconceptions past Tosa and its absurd classification of the so-called fighting breeds are among the most endangered breeds in Europe.
Opt for Moll’s is a matter of the heart, reason and responsibility – and this also applies to Japanese Tosa Inu, which are one of the most advanced Mollusca’s in Europe.

standard-tosa-inu-standartAissey Diamant severu – Eurodogwinner 2003

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