Given to the fact that, even in Japan itself are Tosa in size and power of relatively non-uniform standard for Tosa Inu therefore provides a lower limit of the height at the withers, which is 60 inches for dogs and 55 inches for females. The upper limit is not restricted, and therefore (albeit less frequently) can meet with individuals whose withers height exceeds 75 inches. But the important thing is that the Tosa Inu due to its overall harmonious growth, strong bones and massive plastic and outgoing, though not heavy muscling. Weight Tosa is by size in dogs from 55 to 70 kg, females weigh an average of 45 to 65 kg. From Japan are known champions weighing up to 100 pounds, but it is really just an exception and here even in Europe, with a Tosa Inu meet.

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Compared to the original appearance has also changed and stabilized overall type of dog. Tosa is relatively small and thin, high set ears that her softly adjacent the leading edge of the ear to the cheek. Also Tosa color is relatively uniform, their color is usually dark brown-red, less often yellow, but also accepts standard brindle or black and white markings on chest and toes. Tosa today also tail does not curl over the back, but still her tail hangs while in motion and heat of passion is raised up.

In Europe, the Japanese Tosa act solely as family dogs, companions and partners. This way of life also Tosa most convenient, because despite his wrestling past of the country of origin when it is proper management of dogs very balanced, friendly and tolerant towards people and towards dogs. Only dogs are more prone to exhibit dominance towards other dogs (mostly not against females). Tosa family is living at the proper upbringing of a quiet, thoughtful, very intelligent, docile and loyal. Despite its basic friendly attitude towards people lead Tosa recognize the real danger, which threatens to people or property, and is able to defend itself.
Tosa Inu is a large breed, and therefore obviously needs adequate and consistent training. Consistency, however, not to be confused with poorly understood hardness, Tosa needs in education patience, understanding and kindness. The so-called hardness and inadequate education dog does not understand and only lead to a deterioration of the overall situation. Tosa is one of the Moll’s, and therefore can´t be required by the unthinking obedience with which we meet less intelligent breeds. Much more important is the correct hierarchy in the family and that can be built primarily by means other than the application of force. Especially for dogs that tend to have a tendency to dominance, it is necessary to keep the family hierarchy in the correct range.
Good manners are prudent Tosa dog with a reasonable need to move. They appreciate their kindness and attention of its owner and at an appropriate management training to quickly learn everything you need. Neither Moll’s this breed is not recommended to focus on defense nor is training for sports, for which it is necessary agility nor agility, Tosa usually too large and powerful. It is always appropriate to offer the dog a reasonable action so that not long time something undesirable, and therefore it is necessary to find a reasonable activity. Adults and healthy Tosa is a pleasant companion for hiking, you can offer sports tournament or orienteering, but these sports are far more common abroad than at home. When education is necessary to inhibit dominant behaviors, especially in dogs and is not advisable to strengthen the defensive talent Tosa. Due to its origin and breeds, from which emerged Tosa, these talents are sufficiently rooted and need not be strengthened.
Tosa needs adequate education from an early age. All dogs undergoing the first phase of training a puppy breeder and this early education affects attitudes, habits and behavior of the dog’s life. A properly socialized dog is one Tosa master, confident and courageous, but without aggression towards people and without unnecessary aggression towards dogs. Especially dogs tend to behave in a dominant with other dogs, but in a consistent and loving upbringing can keep these tendencies within acceptable limits and we would definitely Tosa did not suffer any excesses. The dog should be particularly during evolution enough contact with people and other dogs to learn how to properly respond to the current situation. Towards strangers and unknown persons may behave demurely, but should never be unreasonably aggressive or timid.

100_2055 - KopieIf we want to have a good companion and pet, the dog can´t permanently place in pens. Tosa need constant and close contact with his family in a kennel mentally atrophy, they do not develop properly formed and behavioral problems, dog note that the entire remaining life. A dog that lacks close contact with his family and missing plenty of ideas and experience, can´t reliably hear in everyday situations responds inappropriately and these problems manifest undue timidity or disproportionate aggression. During the absence of the owner may be raised Tosa reasonable period of time alone in the apartment, but it must be for a period of loneliness offer good entertainment. Most of the time, while sleep, but wake up if it needs to be appropriate toys to chew, that is confiscated.

Employed owners may consider a combined holding the dog when the dog after a period of absence of the owner and his family located in a spacious and well-equipped enclosure and after returning home with the family dog joins the family again. Tosa short-haired breed, and although it is very hardy and robust, the enclosure must have a well-insulated and spacious lodge. The enclosure should be large enough and rugged that it could bask dog, or retreat into the shadows. The floor of the enclosure should always be adjusted so that the dog had the opportunity to lie down on a dry surface. For short-haired breed is also an important document, because large breeds relatively easily formed calluses on his elbows, heels and other places and these bruises are difficult to remove. The enclosure should also allow adequate movement of the dog. The enclosure must have a dog always have enough water which may freeze in the winter, and the best sandy play area where they can be emptied and can be easily kept clean.
Tosa are good watchdogs and guardians of property, closely monitor the surroundings and in the case of a real emergency hit. Females can be with the right education and stick together, but especially in the absence of the owner would especially dogs should be separated from each other better.

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