TOSA INU – Choosing a puppy

When choosing a puppy large breed, we should be aware that dogs especially during the evolution require good food, reasonable care, in close contact with family and loving consistent training. If the dog can´t some of that grant, we prefer to deny their attention elsewhere. With the purchase of a dog must agree to all family members and all must also be willing and ready to participate in the care of him. If you are not sure you want a dog, we have all the prerequisites for it, and we all want just this breed, we should rather think about buying a puppy.
Tosa also include us among the rarer breeds, the number of entries Tosa in the Czech Republic for the year so far never exceeded one hundred and usually reaches only about fifty. This means that it is only a few litters a year, and decides if the Tosa, we must be prepared to travel across the entire country. However, it is reasonable to consider when buying a puppy and the other aspects as buying a puppy rather hurry.
To select the puppy of any breed are certain basic principles. The puppy pick fundamentally in the place where it was bred. Offers breeders that we choose and bring a puppy; we should definitely refuse and think about the breeder. When choosing a puppy with good focus not only on looking puppy, but on the whole litter, mother and possibly other dogs. If we have doubts about the health of any animal or even one puppy, afraid to ask, well appreciate what information the breeder has provided to us. Puppies in the litter should be lively, cheerful, friendly, inquisitive, trusting and open. Select the wall devote enough time. Selected puppy should have a clear and lively view, a positive attitude to people with clean hair especially around the eyes, nose, genitals and rectum should be well fed, but not so much food, moving and funny.
When choosing a puppy to thoroughly asking your puppy yet received into the bowl, where it was last wormed, and whether what has been vaccinated. Good breeders who care about their puppies, for us recall the first days of feeding, which is used puppy, puppy’s favorite toy, a piece of an old sweater or blanket on which sleeps puppies, so your puppy to his new home taking away the familiar smell of home and new environment for him was not so stressful.
When choosing a puppy is very important to select farmers and the environment from which the puppy comes from. U breeder is shaping the future relationship of the people and a dog puppy gets the most basic prerequisites for successful physical and mental development. When you visit the breeder is therefore necessary to keep your eyes open. The first question you ask should be: I would like myself to be in such a puppy breeder? If you answer this question unambiguously in the affirmative, is the most important decision when choosing for us and we can focus on other things.
The family environment is a puppy almost constantly in contact with people and children, getting a variety of different ideas right from an early age and accustom living with a man. Such puppy carries into life friendly relationship with people and thanks to incentives is used properly and adequately responds to current situations. That’s life for you the best conditions, and so on puppy rearing of the family and definitely worth a wait.
Want to show off your dog at shows? Then we had a closer look at not only the direct ancestors of the puppy, but also siblings of these ancestors and siblings of the older litter same parents.
If you think about the subsequent use of the dog in the breed, we should inform more thoroughly. In this case, it is important not only exterior and nature of the individual, but also blood puppy interest in the population Tosa with us. For females, we must consider whether the conditions for successful breeding of bears and whether its descendants in a merger with a suitable dog for breeding benefit. The dog must not only seek individuals with the necessary exterior and temperament assumptions, but simultaneously also the blood of an individual sufficiently interesting to him breeders sought.

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