Tosa has a short coat that does not require any special care. Coat just brush once a week, in spring and autumn during molting is reasonable to brush the dog more often. Tosa appreciates the attention of the owner and brushing deemed pleasant affair. Of course there must also care for the ears, because dropping ear has a greater tendency to clog, also regularly check the eyes, and moves when the dog especially on soft ground, may be required from time to trim nails. Tosa is a large dog, so we have to get used from an early age that to handle. For patience even unpleasant tasks it thoroughly commend and reward, then we will have no problems when visiting the vet. Dogs should be vaccinated regularly – in accordance with the law against rabies, mostly also against distemper, parvovirus, hepatitis and other diseases. The best advise budding local vet who knows the local disease situation. Course, must also be regular deworming.
Tosa Inu needs a reasonable move. Freedom of movement it can never replace or how big garden because the garden dog explores a few days and then it does not bring any new ideas. Therefore Tosa provide several shorter and at least one hearty walk a day, and going to different places. I do not avoid contact with people or with other dogs, but of course we do not suffer any efforts to dominate other dogs and always require a reasonably reliable obedience and subordination. If it goes our dog in nature and meets if other dogs, do not forget to protect against ticks and fleas.

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