Tosa-inu female Kayschi

Kayschi Chocco Diamant severu – heavy weight female

Our little- big dancer doesn’t skip a beat while wagging her tail.
She truly earned her nickname: wiggling earthworm.

Kayschi is a energetic, tall beauty with a very strong female physique.
She has a winning natural predisposition, with a majestic stance and a wonderful deep red color.
She is a perfect representative of her breed.

        tosa-inu-kayschi-chocco-diamant-severu-001 tosa-inu-kayschi-chocco-diamant-severu-002 tosa-inu-kayschi-chocco-diamant-severu-003 Zobrazit více — Tosa-inu female Kayschi

Tosa-inu female Chanellaine

Chanellaine Diamant severu (Of North Diamond) – heavy weight female

Chanel is a very intelligent tosa lady.
She is immediately interested in everything you present to her.
She will impress you with her temperament.
There isn’t anyone who doesn’t want to immediately embrace her.
German j . Champion (3x Antw.Dt.Jug.Ch.VDH )
Club. j. CAC , Winner of Leipzig 2010
Winner Baden – Wurttemberg
Winner Stuttgart, 7x excellent 1
4x VDH -CAC (4x Antw.Dt.Ch.VDH ), 2x Club. CAC
2x CACIB , 2x BOB – best of breed