Ritschie is a beautiful, powerful female with strong bones and beautifully modeled head.
You will have to work for her affection but be advised.
Once you gain this affection, you will not be able to get rid of her…. :)
Even in adulthood, she can play like a puppy .

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Mother: Bahara Kalabousek

Excellent 2, r. CAC

tosa-inu-barunka-001 tosa-inu-barunka-002 tosa-inu-barunka-006  tosa-inu-barunka-005 tosa-inu-barunka-004

Father: Piccollino –Import Italy–Milan

(E-Furosha the TosaKen Gold´s – 83cm, about 80Kg)

German junior champion

Winner Leipzig 2010

2x Club . j.CAC , 3x excellent 1

tosa-inu-black-tosa-piccollino-002   tosa-inu-black-tosa-piccollino-008